VMware VSphere BWeb Integration Enterprise Bacula Quick Guide

This Quick Guide describes the steps towards enabling bweb Enterprise Bacula graphical interface integration with the vSphere Environment. It requires and enhances the Bacula Enterprise Plugin operation.

The integration enables the VMware Center, at the bweb Bacula Configuration screen, where the vCenter connections and all the Plugin options can be set. Also, Virtual Machines and other VMware components can be graphically selected for backup, at the FileSet Plugin Options screen.


Once the Enterprise Bacula VMware Plugin is installed, make sure the integration dependencies are installed. CentOS 7.0 example:

yum install \
perl-Archive-Zip \
perl-Carp \
perl-Crypt-SSLeay \
perl-Data-Dumper \
perl-Exporter \
perl-File-Path \
perl-Getopt-Long \
perl-HTTP-Cookies \
perl-HTTP-Message \
perl-libwww-perl \
perl-LWP-Protocol-https \
perl-URI \
perl-XML-LibXML \
openssl-devel \
gcc \
gcc-c++ \
cpan \

Download VMware-vSphere-Perl-SDK-6.5.0-4566394.x86_64.tar.gz from VMware website (requires registration – https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/details?downloadGroup=VS-PERL-SDK65&productId=614). Extract its contents.

Run install Perl SDK script as follows. Select “yes” when prompted to install precompiled Perl modules for RHEL.


The script will probably terminate installation but complain about some Perl modules being too old. On my system these were:

JSON::PP 2.27203 or newer 
MIME::Base64 3.14 or newer 
LWP 6.15 or newer 
Net::HTTP 6.09 or newer

Use CPAN to update the older Perl modules, space separated:

cpan -i JSON::PP MIME::Base64 Net::HTTP LWP

Run VMware install script again. E.g.


Test and Usage

To test the  vmware-vsphere-cli installation, you can run the following command in the machine shell:

vmware-cmd -l -H vcenter_name_IP -h esxi_name_IP --username "vsphere_username" --password 'vsphere_password' --verbose

As shown in Figures 1 and 2, the bweb Bacula Configuration VMware Center is Enabled after the SDK installation.

VMware VSphere BWeb Integration Enterprise Bacula Quick Guide 1

VMware VSphere BWeb Integration Enterprise Bacula Quick Guide 2

Figure 1 and 2. bweb Bacula Configuration VMware Center

As exhibited in Figure 3 it is possible to add or change the Plugin vSphere connection configuration and plugin options. The Check button allows testing the configuration.

VMware VSphere BWeb Integration Enterprise Bacula Quick Guide 3

Figure 3. New vSphere Connection Configuration

Note: in case of connection problems, check the error messages in /opt/bacula/working/bweb-error.log.

As displayed in Figure 4, it should be possible to navigate and select Virtual Machines from the FileSet Include Plugin Options screen.

VMware VSphere BWeb Integration Enterprise Bacula Quick Guide 4

Figure 4. VMware Plugin Options Virtual Machine Selection Tree

Problems with the VCenter Certificate

If the VCenter certificate is self-signed or unrecognized, you would need to install the certificate on the same machine as BWeb. Refer to the following VMware pages to see how to extract the vCenter certificate (depending on your version):

Once you have the certificates, copy them to “/etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/” and run the following two commands to update the certificate store on the system:

update-ca-trust force-enable
update-ca-trust export


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