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Data restore operations are almost always critical. They are necessary after disasters with data loss, that usually brings system downtime and customer dissatisfaction. Do not be alone in this situation!

Let Bacula USA help your company backup and disaster recovery operations. We have 24×7 annual contracts with flexible price, according to the size of its structure.

Support contracts include the following activities for both Community and Enterprise Bacula versions:

  • Intellectual assistance provided by a highly trained team;
  • Configuration, architecture and performance review of the backup environment;
  • Phone, email, Whatsapp, and Skype calls with up to two hours from the initial request;
  • Log analysis, troubleshooting and debugging of the backup system;
  • Remote access for the activities execution, in order to guarantee the best cost-benefit.

We have plans from USD 175.00 per month for up to 25 backup clients.

To hire or fetch more information, send a message now in our CONTACT US!

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