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Bacula 1

Bacula 1: the open source backup software

Section1:Theoretical Introduction
Lecture1:Backup Concepts
Lecture2:Backup Myths
Lecture4:Backup Levels
Lecture5:Backup Best Practices
Lecture6:GFS Backup Strategy
Lecture7:The Bacula
Quiz1:Theorical Section
Section2:Installing Bacula
Lecture8:Bacula Installation (packages)
Lecture9:Doing the first backup and restore
Section3:Bacula Configuration Overview
Lecture10:baucula-dir.conf: Director, Job and Job Defs
Lecture11:baucula-dir.conf: FileSet, Schedule, Client, Storage
Lecture12:baucula-dir.conf: Catalog, Messages, Pool, APPLY CHANGES
Lecture13:bacula-sd.conf: DiskChanger Configuration (Multiple Disks)
Lecture15:Consoles: bconsole.conf & bat.conf
Section4:Installing Linux Clients
Lecture17:Backup Job Configuration and Running
Lecture18:Restore Job Running
Section5:Installing Windows Clients
Lecture20:Backup Job Configuration and Running
Lecture21:Restore Job Running
Lecture22:Systemstate Backup
Section6:Director Core Configurations
Lecture23:Backup Compressing
Lecture24:Volume Lifecycle
Lecture25:Volume Lifecycle: Pools (GFS)
Lecture26:Volume Lifecycle: Schedule (GFS)
Lecture27:Brute Volume Recycling (Purge Oldest Volume)
Lecture28:File and Job Retention
Lecture29:Bacula Mail Sending
Lecture30:Authenticated Mail Sending
Section7:Bacula 7.x Compilation Upgrade
Lecture31:Source Code Download
Lecture33:Code Configuration
Lecture34:Uninstall Bacula 5.2.6 Packages
Lecture35:make -j8 && make install-autostart
Section8:Bacula Service Disaster Recovery
Lecture36:Restore Bacula Catalog from a dump
Lecture37:bscan: restore volume information to catalog
Lecture38:bls and bextract: restore data directly from volumes
Section9:Bacula Core Commands
Lecture39:cancel, delete
Lecture40:disable, enable, estimate
Lecture41:list, llist
Lecture42:label, label barcodes
Lecture44:reload, status
Lecture45:show, update
Lecture46:shell redirection, @output, @input
Section10:Amazon S3 Off-site Mounted Backup (not recommended)
Use fuse and s3fs to mount your S3 bucket locally as a Bacula Archive Device
Lecture48:Build Fuse
Lecture49:Build s3fs
Lecture50:Setting S3 Credentials
Lecture51:Bacula Storage Configuration
Lecture52:Mounting s3fs bucket
Section11:2nd Remote Storage Daemon for Off-Site Backups
Set up a remote Bacula Storage Daemon on a second Linux Machine
Lecture53:Off-site Storage Daemon Installation
Lecture55:Remote Job Configuration
Section12:Copy and Migrate Jobs
Be able to copy or migrate backups for off-site or storage upgrade.
Lecture56:Setting a 2nd Storage
Lecture57:Setting a Destination Pool
Lecture58:Adding and running a Backup Copy Job
Section13:Tape Libraries Configuration
Lecture59:Devices Handling
Lecture60:bacula-sd tape library configuration
Lecture61:bacula-dir tape library configuration

Bacula 2

Bacula 2: Webmin GUI to Administration and Configuration

Lecture1:Who am I?
Lecture2:Webmin Introduction
Lecture3:Bacula + Webmin Requirements
Section2:Webmin Debian 8 Install
Lecture5:Package Download
Lecture6:Webmin Install
Section3:Webmin CentOS 7 Install
Lecture8:Package Download
Lecture9:Webmin Install
Section4:Webmin Setup
Lecture10:General Options (language, themes, update etc.)
Lecture11:Bacula Webmin Module Configuration
Section5:Initial Director Daemon configuration
Lecture12:bacula-dir.conf Initial Configuration: Director
Lecture13:bacula-dir.conf Initial Configuration: Jobs
Lecture14:bacula-dir.conf Initial Configuration: Clients
Lecture15:bacula-dir.conf Initial Configuration: Pools
Lecture16:bacula-dir.conf Initial Configuration: FileSets
Lecture17:bacula-dir.conf Initial Configuration: Storages
Lecture18:bacula-dir.conf Initial Configuration: Schedule
Section6:Initial Storage Daemon Configuration
Lecture19:bacula-sd.conf Initial Configuration: Storage Daemon
Lecture20:bacula-sd.conf Initial Configuration: Storage Devices (Disk)
Lecture21:bacula-sd.conf Initial Configuration: Storage Devices (TapeLibrary)
Section7:New Linux Clients
Lecture22:Client Configuration
Lecture23:New FileSet and Job
Section8:New Windows Clients
Lecture24:Client Configuration
Lecture25:New Windows FileSet and Job
Section9:Webmin Bacula Operations
Lecture26:The Restore Command
Lecture27:Other Operations
Section10:That’s it!
Lecture28:See you later.

Bacula 3

Bacula 3: bpipe to stream dumps & clones directly to backups

Lecture1:Who am I?
Section2:bpipe Deploy
Lecture3:Enable bpipe
Lecture4:A folder to store FIFO and debugging
Section3:bpipe examples
Lecture5:A simple echo FIFO backup
Lecture6:tar files
Lecture7:MySQL databases
Lecture8:PostgreSQL databases
Lecture9:Firebird Databases
Lecture10:LDAP Bases
Lecture11:Xenserver Virtual Machines
Lecture12:See you!

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