Bacula 2024 and New Features

One of the most exciting technological development programs in the industry

Virtual Machine Replication

  • Continuously copy your VMs to a different replica center
  • Orchestrate the fail-over of your VMs
  • Execute consistent replications from snapshots

Automated Workload Settings

  • Parallelize workloads into small backup routines automatically
  • Can be used for any NAS in routines based on NDMP at volume level
  • Agent-based routines without an agent at the Virtual Machine level

Automatic Data Poisoning Detection

  • Receive alerts easily for all suspicious patterns

Smart Security Assessment (BGuard)

  • Customized environment security management
  • Centralized detection of insecure settings and vulnerabilities
  • Statistical analysis and machine learning for problem identification

Highly Controllable Security

  • Granular encryption when sending data to untrusted storage
  • Global encryption on disk, tape, or cloud with high control
  • Management for data isolation and access using keys

Infrastructure Protection as a Service

  • Backup VMs at image level from various public, hybrid, or private clouds
  • Backup instances on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services
  • Backup of private clouds on Azure, AWS, and OpenStack

Cloud Disaster Recovery

  • Hybrid cloud protection with data layer connection to the cloud
  • Save resources with easy DR from a backup in the cloud
  • Automatically generate settings to run data recovery routines

Bacula Enterprise is one of the highest security backup and recovery solutions available in the industry today. This statement underscores Bacula Enterprise’s position as a highly secure and reliable backup and recovery solution, indicating that it offers a superior level of protection for an organization’s data and systems. It’s important to note that the effectiveness of any backup and recovery solution’s security also depends on its proper implementation and the security practices of the organization using it.

Bacula is used as the primary backup system by the largest defense organizations in the West. Furthermore, Bacula’s highly modular architecture means that you use only – and pay for – what you need.

This statement highlights that Bacula is trustworthy enough to be adopted as the primary backup system by large defense organizations in the West. It also emphasizes the flexibility of Bacula’s architecture, allowing users to choose and pay only for the functionalities they need, making it a cost-effective and adaptable solution.

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