Automatic Server Installation with Bacula Enterprise Manager (CentOS, Debian etc.)

Install and execute bee_installation_manager


yum install -y wget python38
cd /root
chmod +x bee_installation_manager
./bee_installation_manager -t DIR -pkg rpm -p rhel9-64 -fw firewall-cmd -da %customer_id% -s bweb
./bee_installation_manager -t SD -pkg rpm -p rhel9-64 -fw firewall-cmd -s dedup single-item-restore
./bee_installation_manager -t FD -pkg rpm -p rhel9-64 -fw firewall-cmd -s vsphere postgresql

Note: python 2.7 or higher is required to run the script.


Start a PowerShell and type:

wget -Outfile C:\bee_installation_manager.exe

Launch bee_installation_manager.exe (you’ll be asked for elevated privileges).

Note: some antivirus software might block the download, please check your antivirus settings to avoid this.

Interactive Session Run Example

Note: the bee_installation_manager can be stopped at any time with CTRL-C making it easy to change selected options before the installation if needed.

Welcome to Bacula Enterprise Installation Manager 2021.12.14
This script will assist you during Bacula Enterprise
plugins installation and client Registration.

CentOS Linux 8 detected [rhel8-64].

Press ENTER to start

Installation of File Daemon (Client) and associated plugins
Proceed with Installation of File Daemon (Client) and associated plugins? [Y/n]

Using Download Area Code [NorbertBizet-f0XdePvkmfcv3pxo]
Would you like to use this one again? [Y/n]

Available versions
1 : 12.0.5 2 : 12.2.5 3 : 12.4.4 4 : 12.6.5 5 : 12.8.3
Please, select the version of your Bacula Director ('12.8.3' by default) : 5
[====================] 100.0% vsphere (not installed)
The bacula-fd client will be installed or upgraded by default.

The following plugins are available for installation at version 12.8.3 :
1 : db2 2 : delta
3 : docker 4 : hdfs
5 : kubernetes 6 : ldap
7 : m365 8 : mysql
9 : ndmp 10 : netapp-hfc
11 : openshift 12 : oracle
13 : postgresql 14 : rhv
15 : sap-hana 16 : single-item-restore
17 : snapshot 18 : sybase
19 : vsphere
Select the number(s) of the plugins you want to install, separated by commas.
Leave empty and just press <Enter> to skip plugin selection : 13

Registration of File Daemon (Client)
Proceed with Registration of File Daemon (Client)? [Y/n] n
Registration of File Daemon (Client) skipped!

Managing Firewall rules
Proceed with Managing Firewall rules? [Y/n]

Available Firewalls
1 : firewall-cmd 2 : nft 3 : iptables
Please, make your selection(s) separated by ',' (commas) : 1,3
No Director address detected. Any incoming address will be accepted by default
Enter a new Director address or * to accept any incoming address [dir-addr|*] :
Any incoming address will be accepted

Managing service(s) after installation
Proceed with Managing service(s) after installation? [Y/n]

Restart the Bacula service(s) after installation? [Y/n]

Start the Bacula service(s) automatically at boot? [Y/n]

Ready to process the following operations
[X] Installation of : Bacula, postgresql
[X] Registration of File Daemon (Client)
[X] Managing Firewall rules
[X] Managing service(s) after installation

Continue or retry(r)? [Y/n/r]

Executing Installation of File Daemon (Client) and associated plugins ...
[=======-------------] 33.3% installing keys
Updating the following modules and dependencies : bin, postgresql ...
[====================] 100.0% updating postgresql
Installing the following modules and dependencies : gnupg, tar, bacula-enterprise-client, bacula-enterprise-postgresql-plugin ...
[====================] 100.0% yum install bacula-enterprise-postgresql-plugin done

Executing Managing Firewall rules ...

Executing Managing service(s) after installation ...

Installation of File Daemon (Client) Successfully completed
Bacula Enterprise Installation Manager. Done.

bee_installation_manager Silent Install

Use the BWeb Registration URL generated by the wizard with the bee_installation_manager like in the example below to perform a silent deployment:

./bee_installation_manager --director @@director-address@@ --download_area @@customer@@ --version @@bee-version@@ --link @@bweb-registration-url@@ --silent

The options are detailed as follows:

  • @@director-address@@ refers to an IP or FQDN of the Bacula Director the client will be registered on
  • @@customer@@ refers to your personalized area string. You can find this information in the Welcome Package
  • @@bee-version@@ should be replaced by the version of Bacula Enterprise Edition you purchased (12.x.y, 10.x.y)
  • @@bweb-registration-url@@ refers to the URL obtained in the QR Code/Registration Wizard

Advanced usage with arguments

All the choices selected during the session can alternately be provided via command-line arguments. This can be useful for automated deployment.

The bee_installation_manager -h option provides the description of all usable arguments:

usage: bee_installation_manager [-h] [-c CONFIG] [-d DIRECTOR]
[-o LOG] [-s] [-t {FD,SD,DIR}]
[-r {release,beta,nightly}] [-p PLATFORM]
[-pkg {debian,rpm,windows}]
[plugins [plugins ...]]

Bacula Enterprise Installation Manager

positional arguments:
plugins one or several plugin(s) to install

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
config file path (defaulted to /root/.bee_installation
-d DIRECTOR, --director DIRECTOR
director address (for firewall). Can be deduced from
-da DOWNLOAD_AREA, --download_area DOWNLOAD_AREA
Download Area code
-v VERSION, --version VERSION
force installation version
-l LINK, --link LINK Automatic configuration URL
-o LOG, --log LOG log to file (defaulted to /root/.bee_installation_mana
-s, --silent avoid keyboard input
-t {FD,SD,DIR}, --type {FD,SD,DIR}
installation type (only one can be selected at a time,
FD by default)
-r {release,beta,nightly}, --repo {release,beta,nightly}
allow installation of release, beta or nightly
versions (release by default)
-p PLATFORM, --platform PLATFORM
overwrites automatically detected local platform
-pkg {debian,rpm,windows}, --package {debian,rpm,windows}
overwrites automatically detected package selection
-bp BWEB_PASSWORD, --bweb_password BWEB_PASSWORD
bweb admin user password
-fw [FIREWALL [FIREWALL ...]], --firewall [FIREWALL [FIREWALL ...]]
one or several firewall(s) to configure. None means
configure all detected firewalls

Use -t (type) to enable Director+BWeb or Storage deamon installation.

Use -s to install without session keyboard interruption (usefull for batch installation), in conjunction with specific arguments or, alternativelly, with a config file (-c argument). A config file should be a simple text file and arguments should be provided in the [Parser] section. For example if the /tmp/bee_config.ini file contains:

download_area = MyName-0123456789abcd
director =
log = /var/log/bacula/bee_installation_manager.log

Running bee_installation_manager -s -c /tmp.bee_config.ini will proceed to the File Deamon installation and firewall configuration without keyboard interruption, and produce a log in /var/log/bacula/bee_installation_manager.log.


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