BCA 101

Bacula Backup Software Certified Administrator (101)

International entry-level certification to start a brilliant and differential career in the backup system administrators world.


  • Backup Theory
  • Backup Levels
  • Types, Myths, Topologies and Backup Strategies (GFS)
  • Key Bacula Features
  • Linux Bacula Server Installation and Configuration
  • Bacula Client Installation and Configuration (Linux and Windows)
  • Disc and Tape Storages configuration and Operation
  • Bacula Commands
  • Complete and partial data restore
  • Cross-Restore
  • Bacula Catalog Restore
  • Run and After Backup scripts
  • Specific Applications Backup: VMs, Databases etc.
  • Backup Server Restore
  • Data Compression
  • File-System Deduplication.

Recommended Learning Resources

  1. Bacula: The Open Source Backup Software book. Heitor Medrado de Faria.
  2. Bacula Manual (http://bacula.us/manual/en/main/) or at bacula.org.
  3. Bacula USA Training.

Expiration Date

  • After Five Years.

The Tests

Test Composition

  • 5 questions of Backup Theory
  • 5 questions about Bacula Installation
  • 15 questions about Bacula Configuration
  • 10 questions about Bacula Commands
  • 5 questions about Disaster Recovery in Bacula

Test Specifications

40 questions total.
45 minutes test duration.
Multiple choice; true or false questions.
Minimum requirements for the certificate: 60% (sixty percent).
The failed student may attempt re-application after 3 months of the last execution.
The tests will be answered online, with the accompaniment of an instructor at a scheduled time and with screen sharing.
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English.


  • Webcam;
  • headset;
  • internet connection;
  • Chrome browser or Chromium in the latest version;
  • empty room, without the presence of third parties during the test execution.


  • The reproduction or disclosure in whole or in part of the contents of the test is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to use other electronic devices or software other than the computer and tools used to perform tests, notably recording or capturing devices, and instant communicators.
  • The test taker has the right to suspend execution in case of suspected fraud or compliance with any of the above rules.


USD 150.00 per Applied Test 

Payment Methods

a) Transfer / Deposit::
Heitor Faria LLC
Bank of America – USA
Acc: 229056780414
ACH Routing: 0631002777

b) PayPal:

Bacula Certification 1

Once the payment has been made the test can be scheduled immediately.

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