Bacula Brazil and Latin America offers  in-company simultaneous training-deploy, exploring the capabilities of your data center structure and implementing a reliable corporate level backup system.

In addition to the instructor book, all students receive lifetime access to online content, composed of more than 9 hours of video classes and extra information.

The training topics are flexible according to customer needs as well as the schedule . It usually takes three or four days and can hold up to 8 students.

The investment for training is in average U$ 2,000.00, depending on the location and students quantity.

As an option, it is possible to also hire our trustful remote support to your new Bacula Backup System.

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Basic Bacula Training:

1. Description:

The course presents the theory and practice of backups, covering installation, recovery, backup specific tools, “disaster recovery” and several other important aspects to safe and reliable backups. Real situations recording and data recovery will be simulated.

Goal: prepare system administrators to deploy and manage a Bacula backup system.


  • Planning and deploy of a production backup system at customer’s discretion.
  • Types, myths, topologies and backup strategies (GFS).
  • Key Bacula Features
  • Linux Backup server Deploy
  • Linux and Windows Clients Deploy
  • Data Compression
  • Copy and Migration Jobs
  • File Deduplication Jobs
  • FS Deduplicated Volumes
  • Disk, Magnetic Tape and Tape Libraries Storages Configuration and Operation
  • S3 Cloud Storage
  • Off-site backup
  • Graphical User Interface (Baculum, BAT etc.)
  • Bacula Commands
  • Full and partial restore
  • Backup system disaster recovery
  • Run and After Backup scripts
  • Specific Application Backup: virtual machines, databases, mail servers etc.
  • Universal bpipe FIFO Plugin
  • Exercises

1.1. Courseware:

a) Bacula Book, Heitor Faria.


[tab name=”Requirements”]

1.2. Students:

a) Basic Linux commands and text file edition.

1.3. Hardware:

a) 02 Linux Machines (E.g: Oracle Linux 9 and/or Ubuntu/CentOS/RedHat) and 01 Windows (server versions recommended), for each student (may be virtual, with “NAT Network” interfaces).

b) Internet connection.

c) Data show or large TV.

d) Production Linux Server and administrator credentials to all machines if production backup system deploy is desired.


Training and Deploy In-Company 1Heitor Faria has an EB-1 Visa (USA Alien of extraordinary ability) and Master degree certificate from Brasília National University (UNB) with 3.5 GPA. “Bacula: Open Source Backup Software” (English, Spanish & Portuguese), “Open Licenses & Fundamental Rights” (Poruguese) books and scientific papers author. Bacula, Alfresco and WordPress Training instructor at Udemy, with more than 1200 students in 52 countries. Worked as a System Analyst on a Brazilian governmental company called SERPRO and for Neocode Software (Canada). Law Graduated. IT Service Manager and Project Management extension degrees. Bacula Brazilian community founder. Has plenty of experience as a server/backup systems administrator (Windows, Linux, Netware, directory services) and as IT/Project Manager. Speaker at several international free software events. ITIL-F, TOEFL, EMC Storage E05-001 and LPIC-III Certified Professional. Mr. Paulo Animal Cause Supporter.


Certificate will be awarded at the end of the course (in digital form) students with frequency greater than 75% (seventy five percent) .

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