A Bacula Template for Grafana

Unlike other competitors Bacula has an open format metadata catalog, even in the Enterprise version. With the increasing evolution of data science, this is indispensable for obtaining essential information for…

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OpenVPN Bacula Configuration

With the very affordable VPS and Cloud Computing values available today, you can install a remote Bacula and configure an OpenVPN to directly back up local clients behind Firewalls and…

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bacula.us 2nd Quarter 2018 Updates

DB2 bpipe Backup with Community Bacula http://bacula.us/db2-bpipe-backup-with-community-bacula/ Block-level Deduplication with Aligned Volumes Tutorial (Bacula 9.0.8 and above) http://bacula.us/block-level-deduplication-with-aligned-volumes-tutorial-bacula-7-9-9-0-and-above/ Backup Storage Block Level Deduplication with DDUMBFS and BACULA http://bacula.us/backup-storage-block-level-deduplication-with-ddumbfs-and-bacula/ Xen Server…

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