Bacula for the Cloud: Backup & Restore solution dedicated to the MSPs
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If you are a Managed Service Provider, a Cloud Provider or a Data Center Cloud Services Provider, Bacula for the Cloud is the right Backup & Restore solution for you and your clients.

Bacula for the Cloud is a dedicated offer that includes all Bacula Enterprise Edition features plus additional functionality that are specific to your activity, all required plugins, dedicated technical support and a pricing structure that fits your business model.

Annuity: U$ 6550,00 with ALL Plugins included + U$ 25.90 per installed client, monthly.

Here are some features that will help you to increase your profits:

  • Global Endpoint Deduplication™ capabilities (from the client to the storage) to maximize speed of backup, minimize network bandwidth utilization and hardware investment (available in the next major version)
  • Consolidated backup size for better management of your commercial offers
  • Comm line compression for better performance between your Data Center and your customers
  • Our Snapshotify feature allows you to take snapshots of data and back them up without any interruption of your services. A fast, easy and non-intrusive way to ensure the protection of your customers data!
  • Low risk approach without worry or issues with your infrastructure or systems software during operations or upgrades
  • REST API to easily and quickly develop your own user front-end and c-panel
  • BWeb Management Suite to configure, analyze and manage your servers
  • Up to 5000 protected servers managed by one Bacula Enterprise Edition instance to provide the best ROI
  • For more than 5000 servers, multiple instances may be managed under one GUI
  • Full virtual environment backup & restore: VMware, HyperV, Xen and KVM. Bacula for the Cloud solution includes them all!
  • Bacula Systems highly reputable support on top of a robust standards’ based approach to snapshots and backup

BOOST your business and profit with Bacula Systems:

  • Best Backup & Restore software solution
  • All required plugins
  • Recognized high level technical support (including predictive support infrastructure)
  • Support centers in Europe, US and South America
  • Pricing model specifically dedicated to your business
  • Advanced and Expert training courses available in the US and in Europe
  • No extra costs for data volume
  • No extra costs for number of CPUs
  • Lowest resource overhead

“Bacula Enterprise supports practically every available operating system and
the flexibility and scalability to handle backups of 1000s of servers
and petabytes of data made this an easy decision for Cartika and our clients”
Andrew Rouchotas, CEO, Cartika

If, like hundreds of MSPs’, Cloud Providers and Data Centers, you want to take advantage of the Bacula for the Cloud offer, contact us now!
Some Managed Service Providers who trust Bacula Systems:

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To get more information about Bacula for the Cloud, please contact us.


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