WORM media with Bacula

WORM (write once read multiple) media can be used if you need to make sure that special backups are kept forever (or as long as possible). How long a backup must be kept alive depends on the data to back up, company needs, government regulations and so on.

The advantage of a real WORM media is that it won’t be overwritten in other libraries, environments or even accidentally. An analogy for WORM media are writable are not rewritable CD’s and DVD’s.

To add a WORM media to Bacula, create a new Pool using your favorite web interface or text configuration:

# vi /opt/bacula/etc/bacula-dir.conf
Pool {
  Name = TL2000_WORM
  Pool Type = Backup
  Recycle = no
  AutoPrune = no
  Volume Retention = 100 years
  Maximum Volume Bytes = 500M
  Maximum Volumes = 10

The most important directives never overwrite any volume (Recycle = no) or job/file (AutoPrune = no). A retention period of 100 years should even satisfy your government regulations and even exceeds tape life expectancy. With this setup, you can even use normal media as WORM media.

Reload the configuration or restart Bacula Director daemon to apply changes. Next, use the label barcode command to create Bacula volumes on new tapes, associating them to the WORM Pool.


WORM media with mhvtl and bacula – http://karellen.blogspot.com/2012/02/worm-media-with-mhvtl-and-bacula.html

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