Two Bacula Enterprise Edition free Plugins before July 31st 2016!

Bacula Enterprise Edition’s roots are to be found in the Open Source Bacula project; however, there are many features that have been added by Bacula Systems’ development team to the core Bacula Enterprise Edition to enhance a global Backup & Restore infrastructure at an enterprise level. This enhancement is even further supported by a recognized high quality standard Tech Support (including predictive support) and a great choice of plugins allowing any enterprise, public organization, data center or MSP to fully take into account its specific IT environment when securing its data.

Why migrate to Bacula Enterprise Edition?

  • You need Enterprise plugins such as Directory server (LDAP and Active Directory), Windows or Linux BMR, VMware, KVM, Hyper-V, Xen, Delta, Oracle, VSS File Daemon, SAN Shared Storage, NDMP, Single File Restore for NetApp, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SAP and more!
  • You want to use Bacula Enterprise Edition exclusive features
  • You need to professionalize your Backup & Restore infrastructure using a reliable software
  • Your storage hardware costs have to be reduced and your network bandwidth utilization minimized thanks to a revolutionary deduplication feature such as Global Endpoint Deduplication™ or Aligned Volume Format, both exclusive to Bacula Enterprise Edition
  • Your team needs help from professional and reactive support experts
  • You want to get, instantly, regular fixes, patches, upgrades and updates
  • You need consulting expertise to fine tune your installation
  • You and your colleagues want to increase your expertise by attending our awarded training classes
  • You want to have access to the Enterprise Edition documentation set
  • You need road map visibility and, even better, influence future developments of Bacula Enterprise Edition
  • Your IT environment relies on certified and tested software managed by using strict releases cycles
  • Your productivity will greatly improve when you unleash the Bacula administrative tools capabilities using BWeb Management Suite

So, just for Bacula Community Users, Bacula Systems adds another reason to migrate to Bacula Enterprise Edition with the Selective Migration Plan.

With the purchase of a yearly Bacula Systems Subscription this plan includes:

    • The latest release of Bacula Enterprise Edition
    • 2 plugins of your choice free with the first year subscription, if ordered before July 31st 2016
    • 1 day of remote consulting
    • Seats in our training course (Admin I and/or II) at 50% discount

Note: To enjoy the discount, registration for the training has to be made with the order of the Selective Migration Plan

Contact us now to move up to Bacula Enterprise Edition 8.6 with 2 free plugins before the end of July!


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