S3 Bacula Enterprise Cloud Backup Storage
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Bacula is a specialist in data backup and restore solution and has the most popular Backup Server Software in Brazil and the 4th most popular in the world. It provides native support for the S3 protocol in both Enterprise and Community versions, allowing flexibility for companies using cloud service providers. In addition to the Amazon Web Service, the Bacula plugin is available to major players such as Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud, Swift Sotorage, Ceph, Black Blaze, Rackspace, Softlayer, Microsoft Azure and Huawei Cloud.

EBacula’s focus on Sustainability, Performance and Scalability is proven by some of its characteristics:

  • No pricing by amount of data.
  • Infinite Storages Daemons linked to the same Director.
  • Deduplication at data source or storage, by software or hardware.
  • More than 30 Plugins for VMs, Databases and other applications.
  • Focused on Automation with Auto Disaster Recovery.
  • SQL Backup Catalog in Open Format.
  • Volume in Open Format (can be read by Unix tar and dump).

With a highly qualified team, Bacula Backup Software operates throughout Brazil and Latin America as exclusive distributor of Bacula Enterprise (EBacula) and is at your company’s disposal to present the best cost-effective backup solution on the market. Contact our team and request a quote: http://bacula.us/contact-us/

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