Regional Labor Court in Brazil adopts EBacula
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The Regional Labor Court of the 15th Region in Brazil, based in Campinas/São Paulo, is in the process of acquiring perpetual licenses of Bacula Enterprise software (EBacula) for 500 clients and specific modules (plugins), with technical support of 36 months and deployment with technology transfer.

The decision of public agencies to adopt Bacula as a backup solution is in line with the constitutional principle of efficiency (article 37 of CF/88) that addresses issues such as speed, efficiency, cost effectiveness and quality at the time of the execution of its acts administrative procedures.

EBacula works with a free backup format and the data catalog, ie, the data is recorded in an open format (not proprietary), allowing public agencies not to become a victim of technological supply, besides having a reduced cost in comparison with other solutions on the market. And the various plugins allow you to completely migrate your public data centers. In addition, EBacula (Bacula Enterprise) is compatible with CBacula (Bacula Community), so public agencies that already use the free version of Bacula can justify the nominal hiring of the Enterprise version.

The Bacula Latam team is on hand to present the Bacula data backup/recovery solution and send you quotes.

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