Red Hat Virtualization Plugin for Bacula Enterprise

The Red Hat Virtualization Plugin from Bacula Enterprise Edition allows for completely independent backup and recovery of the hypervisor. In addition, it has many features that deliver all the necessary technology to facilitate management and reduce investment in data backup and restore. Check out:

  • Full image-level, agentless, “running”, “paused” or “shut-off” State backup software
  • Granular (Single File) Restore capability available
  • Red Hat Virtualization snapshot integration with automatic deletion
  • Snapshot consistency through transparent and automatic VMs quiescing Process
  • RedHat Storage Cache Backup
  • Individual VM Backups
  • VM configuration only backups as an option
  • Disk exclusion, VM exclusion
  • Backed up VMs selection process by tags, regular expressions
  • Failed backup control

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Get to know Bacula Enterprise Edition version 12.2

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