Proxmox VM Backup with Bacula bpipe plugin
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Backup of Proxmox Virtual Machines with the Bacula bpipe Community or Enterprise plugin. Proxmox only performs full backup of the machines, so Enterprise only Global Deduplication is very useful.

Bacula Enterprise 10.0 will also have a built-in specific Proxmox plugin.

# /etc/bacula/scripts/
# Script to generate Bacula FileSet bpipe syntax configuration in order to backup
# all running Proxmox VM. 
# Autorhip: Heitor Faria (Copyleft: all rights reversed).
# Tested by: 
# It must be called at the FileSet INCLUDE Sub-resource, used by the job that 
# backups Proxmox machine and contains a Bacula Client, like this (e.g.):
#    Plugin = "\|/etc/bacula/scripts/"

for uid in $(qm list | tail -n +2 | cut -d " " -f 8);
    vm_name=$(qm config $uid |grep name |cut -f 2 -d " ")
    echo "bpipe:/var/$uid-$vm_name.vma:vzdump $uid --quiet --stdout --mode suspend:qmrestore - $uid --force"


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