Oracle: Cloud Data Backup with EBacula
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Bacula Enterprise enables significant reduction of cloud costs for backup solutions. And since version 8.8.0, it provides backup and restore storage drivers plug-ins for various cloud services like the Oracle Cloud Plugin.

Bacula Enterprise’s cloud backup architecture gives businesses a variety of capabilities to keep cloud costs to a minimum and maximum performance. All Bacula Enterprise plug-ins are compatible with Bacula Cloud drivers, providing a way to quickly complete backups and then transfer the data from the local cache to the cloud.

Want to reduce your backup storage costs in the cloud?

You can consult the Oracle Cloud Cost Estimator to estimate your storage costs ( and also enable one of the data compression techniques available on EBacula.

Bacula Backup Software operates throughout Brazil and Latin America as an exclusive distributor of Bacula Enterprise (EBacula) and is at your company’s disposal to present the best cost-effective cloud backup solution on the market. Contact our team and request a quote:

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