New Bweb Bacula Enterprise GUI
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Deploy, Configure, Manage, Report, Optimize.BWeb Management Suite™. The simple GUI that makes advanced backup technology easy for data center staff.Now you can easily exploit the advanced data center backup capabilities of Bacula Enterprise Edition. Use BWeb Management Suite, the simple, fast web-based graphical interface to manage your entire backup and restore environment.

As Easy As ABC!
BWeb Management Suite is a web application that delivers simple and rapid monitoring and administration of Bacula Jobs in a multi-client production environment. BWeb really makes your life easier because it offers:

  • Fast configuration of Bacula via the web interface
  • Many simple, step-by-step wizards
  • Remote Backup Client configuration
  • User friendly, clear graphs and diagrams
  • Simple monitoring of Bacula’s vast range of components (Clients, Storage Daemons)


Did you know?
b Management Suite is packed with a bunch of features. For example you can visualize your backup contents for faster optimization of its content. You can even rapidly navigate in backed up directories without affecting your production. Or use BWeb to create roles and access rights for groups of machines and for different users. Just a few of the many other features are listed here:
– Run a new job with changeable pre-defined values
– Real-time Job progression monitoring
– Restart a Job using previous Job values
– Interface with wikis to access documentation, help
– Restore screen with on-screen navigation
– Global view of failed Jobs
– Detect missing Jobs, simplify daily Job
– Schedule analysis as a calendar
– Create groups of Clients
– Visualization of Pool usage and Volumes
– Modification of Volume attributes (values)
– Automatic management of media locations
– Graphical stats to optimize production
– Export stats for management review, invoicing, etc.
– Advanced
backup monitoring supervision module

Don’t Forget!
Bacula Enterprise Edition gives you the opportunity to make huge efficiency savings through technologies such as Global Endpoint Deduplication, Snapshot Management, and theVM Performance Backup Suite.

Interesting! Where can I find out more?

  • BWeb Management Suite information page
  • Bacula Enterprise Edition Features overview
  • Speak to your dedicated Territory Manager
  • Contact us for a BWeb demonstration
New Bweb Bacula Enterprise GUI 1

With BWeb, you now have full access to the huge backup and restore capability that Bacula Enterprise Edition brings to MSP’s and large data centers. Its profile management, permissions, and delegation features restrict who accesses which tools.
New Bweb Bacula Enterprise GUI 2

Follow Job progression in real-time.
You have access to information like the current file name, the number of files seen, the backup size, logs and an estimation of the progression percent completion based on previous backup sizes.
Volume<br /> information

BWeb provides convenient visualization of Pool usage (occupation) and Volume information.

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