New Bacula 7.4 Release
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This version consists of more backports from Bacula Enterprise 8.4 as well quite a few bug fixes (28) as a number of new features. For your convenience, I have included selected parts of the ReleaseNotes below.

Upgrading should be easy since there is no database change and all older File Daemons should remain compatible with Bacula 7.4.0.

As with the last release, I would like to thank Bacula Systems for providing the bug fixes and new features. Since the development process in Bacula Systems is going faster (more programmers), we can expect even more features in future versions.

In addition to releasing the files to Source Forge as usual, I have added a new download area on the bacula,.org web site that will permit you to download all the files for the new version 7.4.0.

Bacula Systems has agreed to permit the personal use of the Bacula Enterprise Windows binaries, so I have included the Bacula Enteprise Windows binaries on the web site (see Downloads -> Download Center on the main menu). If you wish to use the Enterprise Windows binaries for other than personal use, please download them from:

Thank you for using Bacula.


Release Notes for Bacula 7.4.0

Release version 7.4.0

For the most part the changes were contributed to the Bacula project by Bacula Systems SA.

This is a new release with a new version number. It has been very thourouly tested, but as always, the new features may not always work as expected.

The Catalog database format has not changed since version the prior release (7.2.0).

As always, both the Community Director and Storage daemon(s) must be upgraded at the same time. Any File daemon unning on the same machine as a Director or Storage daemon must be of the same version.

Older File Daemons should be compatible with the 7.4.0 Director and Storage daemons. There should be no need to pgrade older File Daemons.

New features and changes:
Please see the New Features chapter of the manual for documentation on the new features. The new features are currently only in the New Features chapter and have not et been integrated into the main chapters of the manual.

New Features and changes summary:

– Add “Expires in” to list and llist volumes
– Implement a more efficient Volume selection algorithm between DIR and SD
– Implement new list/llist command keywords:


– Support for KFREEBSD OS
– Improved support for Clang
– Configure SSL connection to MySQL
– New chio-changer-freebase in examples/autochangers
– New directives in bacula-dir.conf in Catalog{} resource for the MySQL backend (not currently implemented for Postgresql or QLite).


– examples/autochangers/rc-chio-changer removed
– examples/devices/DVD.conf removed
– updated copyrights
– Implement new bconsole @tall command that outputs input and output to console and terminal. Note, this also outputs bconsole input commands.
– Implement MaxVirtualFullInterval
– Implement VirtualFullPool override
– Pool overrides work better
– Automatic selection of catalog from client where possible.
– Implement VerifyData level type for Verify jobs.

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
1131 1360 1362 1368 1382 1412 1414 1449 1470 1524 1545 1548 1882 2083 2090 2103 2115 2117 2151 2153 2156 2165 2180 2182 2183 2192 804 898


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