Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace: Backup and Recovery with Bacula SaaS (BSaaS)
Plugin M365 Bacula

Do you already know the Cloud Bacula Backup?

Many organizations around the world already use Microsoft 365. This powerful platform brings together, in the cloud, all the productivity provided by the well-known Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc) with the advanced software for videoconferencing and collaborative work: Microsoft Teams and several other widely used tools such as Skype, OneDrive, Exchange, Sharepoint.

In addition to providing users in your organization with the best tools to carry out the work, whether remote or even in person, with the total flexibility provided by cloud storage, it is essential to plan the backup process. Imagine still involving the user in this process? That’s how the Bacula Enterprise M365 plugin was developed: to add value to your organization’s business and to the satisfaction of your users.

All this at a truly affordable and scalable cost. Know more.

More protection, autonomy and user involvement! Bacula Enterprise’s M365 plugin is a powerful tool that has a web-oriented frontend allowing an MSP’s customers to easily perform their own data backup and recovery tasks. In addition to protecting against external security threats that are very common today, such as ransomware.

The Bacula Enterprise M365 plugin is designed to handle the following parts of the Microsoft 365 galaxy:

  • Granularity Exchange Boxes
  • OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint Document libraries
  • Sharepoint Sites Contacts/People
  • Calendars
  • Events

With many advanced features, the Bacula Enterprise M365 plugin includes:

  • Microsoft Graph API-based backups
  • Multiservice backup in the same job
  • Multiservice parallelization capabilities
  • Multi-threaded single service processes
  • User-friendly report generation for restore operations
  • Network resilience mechanisms
  • Latest Microsoft Authentication Mechanisms
  • Discovery/List/Query Features
  • Restore objects in Microsoft 365 (to the original entity or any other entity)
  • Restore any object to file system
  • Incremental and differential backup level

See the Bacula Enterprise Plugin M365 white paper for more information.

The Bacula Enterprise Backup and Recovery Plugin for Microsoft 365 does not charge by the amount of user accounts, which brings great savings for all MSPs and Data Centers. Now every MSP has a new opportunity to improve their product portfolio and profitability with this powerful plugin that includes advanced granular backup and recovery features for OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, OneNote, Calendar and more.

For Google Workspace backup:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Mail
  • Etc.

Bacula’s architecture and design are important to M365 users because they address critical issues such as:

  • External security threats such as ransomware
  • Personal Touch Support: certified analysts dedicated to each customer and comprehensive deployment support, all in accordance with developer best practices.
  • Accidents or internal errors of the organization
  • Accidental data deletion from 365
  • Compliance and other legal requirements
  • Retention Policy Requirements
  • Blocking API or API changes by SaaS provider.
  • SaaS options with 3 data redundancies and multi-region option, or self-hosted (OnP).
  • Datacenters in the contractor’s country, with ANSI/TIA-942-A Tier 3 or Tier 4 standards from the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and follow an N2 redundancy methodology for the operation of critical equipment.
  • Immutability (time-lock). Maximum security against cyberthreats.
  • No additional charges for restored data.
  • Dynamic and scalable storage growth.
  • Pricing only for active users.

Bacula scales to thousands of users, it also provides incremental and differential backup, advanced deduplication and compression technologies, as well as a REST API for cloud service providers to build their own user front-end or C-Panel.

The Bacula Enterprise Microsoft 365 plugin is very easy to deploy and configure. It comes with advanced features of parallelization, resiliency and flexibility, and covers most possible M365 use-case scenarios.

Want more information about the Microsoft 365 Plugin and how it can leverage your organization’s backup policy?

Get in touch with the Bacula Brazil and Latin America team right now! We are specialists in data backup and recovery and the official and exclusive representative of Bacula in this region.


Access more information about the Microsoft 365 Plugin on the Bacula Systems website.

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