Lançado Bacula 2.4.0 [Bacula 2.4.0 Release]

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Os daemons do Diretor e do Storage precisam ser atualizados ao mesmo tempo, mas serão compatíveis com todos os clientes 2.0.x, a não ser que você utilize um dos novos recursos que afetem o cliente. Ou seja, você não tem de fazer a atualização de todos os clientes (file daemons) quando você atualizar o servidor Bacula. Também, não é necessária atualização de banco de dados. Vários bugs foram reparados e, abaixo, você tem a integra da “release note” (notas de lançamento), extraídas na íntegra do site do Bacula:

This Director and Storage daemon must be upgraded at the same time, but they should be compatible with all 2.0.x File daemons, unless you use some of the new features that affect the FD. In other words, you should not have to upgrade all your File daemons when you upgrade. There is no database upgrade needed from version 2.0.x to 2.2.0 nor from version 2.2.x to version 2.4.0

This release consists mainly of a number of bug fixes since 2.2.x but most importantly, a rewrite of significant portions of the Storage daemon reservation and autochanger code. This rewritten code is simpler, more stable, and works much better, particularly with multiple drive autochangers than the prior code did. That said, there are still a number of issues to be resolved. Note, the new code has not been tested in manual volume mount situations.

Bugs fixed:
1095, 1086, 1091, 1070, 1041, 1083, 1078, 1066, 1068, 1038
1062, 1065, 1046, 1047, 1031

New features:
– You can now build bat without the QWT libraries. Use
–without-qwt as a ./configure option.

Release Version 2.4.0
– Update version to 2.4.0 to reflect the magnitude of the SD changes.
– Make sure to clear JS_WaitMedia when operator mounts a Volume. This fixes bug #1095.
– Add create_postgresql_database.sql to Win32 installer. Should fix problem reported by Juilio Monteiro.
– Get correct slot when auto unloading a device. This fixes bug #1086.
– Fix possible seg fault if SQL error.

– Fix renaming a Volume, which used the wrong Volume name.
– If operator has rewind tape, print warning, release tape and try once more. If tape is positioned somewhere, something went wrong, so mark the tape in error and try once more. Previously this error was fatal, now it produces an error message.
– Ensure correct volume name displayed during restore
– Fix a few more Coverity reported problems.
– Fix #1091 about bad output in estimate command.
– Modify autochanger locking to attempt to avoid race
– Make sure device not busy before doing label command.
– Display open() errors except when polling. Previously too
many were suppressed. This should fix bug #1070.
– Fix Win32 reparse points. Bacula will not recurse into any reparse point directory, including mount points, unless the directory is explicitly mentioned at the top level (same as with Unix). A file that is linked to another file will be backed up — much as Unix does for hardlinked files.
This fixes bug #1041.
– Remove StorageId test when pruning and recycling (Eric’s changes).
– Fix buffer overruns detected by Coverity.
– Implement –without-qwt
– Fix layout of restore tree dialog
– Add configure bat QWT libraries, so that bat can be built with or without the QWT libaries.
– Implement regression that explicitly tests swapping a Volume from one drive to another.
– Enhance disk-changer to detect most error conditions.
– Fix SD code so that it properly swaps a Volume between drives. This fixes bug #1083.
– Prevent a Volume that is being swapped from being freed from the volume list. This will most likely fix, at least partially, bug #1083.
– Fix strippath so that it does not get a buffer overrun and crash FD. This fixes bug #1078.
– Make inability to change owner/group when creating a dir only a warning rather than an error.
– Fix SQL query in migration code
– Fix bat seg fault at termination.
– Add Bacula generated version to bat about box.
– Backport development stream SD reservation system changes.
– When wrong volume is mounted during read, unload_autochanger.
– Stop searching for Volumes in SD askdir if DIR returns the same volume name twice in a row.
– Rework class structures for VOLRES, DCR, and DEVICE to make the method names a bit more logical, and for more logically handling the responsibilities.
– Remove redundant code in terminating the scheduler that just causes a seg fault in many cases.
– Improve algorithm for detecting pre-reserved volume and swapping volumes.
– Prevent volume from being released while being swapped.
– Refactor parts of stored/mount.c
– Add sanity checks for VolWriteTime and VolReadTime
– Take care of bad clock changes while computing VolWriteTime and VolReadTime. This should fix or limit #1066
– Correct error string numbers in dird/catreq.c
– Restructure reserving, acquiring, and mounting volumes. Calls to autochanger are deferred for mount.c — simplifes the code.
– Do not prune any running job. It just fails the job.
– Lock the volumes when changing dev->reserved_device and marking the volume unused otherwise the device can get reserved by another job before the volume is released, thus blocking it.
– Correct some SD catalog request error messages.
– Turn off code in read_record that causes a seg fault in the SD when reading past an EOS_LABEL.
– Turn off unloading the autochanger in reserve.c as it just causes problems.
– Lock volumes when unreserving a device.
– Do not mark volume unused when recycling.
– Fix bug #1068 fixes a SD crash when using Virtual autochanger.
– Generate correct JobMedia records during spooling/despooling when running concurrent jobs. Thanks to Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <> for excellent analysis and testing.
– *Massive* commit of all fixes and back ports to create 2.2.9 Mostly SD reservations enhancements.
– Fix Win32 FD backup/restore memory leak due to improper termination of BackupRead/Write. This fixes bug# 1038.
– Fixes a StorageId problem with volumes after migration.
– Implements autostart scripts for Debian
– Fix for broken Debian mt program.
– Apply doc fix from bug #1062.
– Resolve crash and improper restore wx-console Win32 restore GUI. Fixes bug #1065.
– Update Win32 wxWidgets to latest version.
– Attempt to do correct handling of Win32 mount points. Should fix bug #1046.
– Add const to AIX prototype for initgroups()
– Fix to the JobMedia patch, which introduced a new problem.
– Fix creating first JobMedia record during Migration to include proper index. This caused slow restores of migrated jobs.
– Fix bug #1047, do not strip paths on symbolic links.
– Set catalog backup database and user name from values specified on the ./configure line.
– Apply patch to correct bug #1031, about wrong pool source information
in job report.

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