IT Career in 2019

The New Year has begun! And now!?!

Have you prepared your goals for 2019?

The beginning of each year is the perfect time to take stock of what has passed and the planning for the new year. And if you want to advance the career of information technology, nothing better than investing in yourself to broaden your knowledge.

You can and should qualify your resume because even those who are already working need to upgrade. Especially in an area as dynamic as IT. Among so many backup software options, imagine what it would be like to specialize in the one that specializes in data backup and recovery and has the best cost-benefit for your company?

That is why Bacula Brasil and Latam invites you to take advantage of all this energy from the beginning of the year to start striding in investing in you and your career. Bacula Backup Software Certified Administrator (101) offers in-company online course options. See the one that best suits your need.

Bacula Training-Deploy Incompany (with certificate): click here

Bacula Backup Software Certified Administrator (101): click here

Udemy online courses: clique here
Bacula 1: free backup tool
Bacula 2: Webmin for Graphical Configuration and Administration
Bacula 3: bpipe to stream dumps and clones in your backup

Bacula Book 3rd Edition: click here

Classroom Free Tools Training: with the teachers who are reference in the market: Basic Bacula (with Heitor Faria), OpenLDAP (with Anahuac de Paula) and Shell Script (with Julio Neves)? click here

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