Is Your Backup Vendor Taxing You For Data Volume?
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Are you tired of your vendor charging (taxing!) you for the data volume of your enterprise backups?

Discover the backup and data recovery company with a future – and stop being charged per-terabyte.Is your vendor trying to ‘milk the cow’? At Bacula Systems we believe in quality, at all levels: from the precision and reliability of our backups (which of course are only determined when you have to restore them!) to the responsiveness and expertise of our support team. This team is committed to providing every single corporate user with the support and advanced tools they need to ensure their most valuable asset is secure: their data.We believe that a highly scalable enterprise backup solution should not charge you by data volume, and instead minimize costs (just like our products do with their open-source heart and their flexible, reasonably priced support plans to fit every need and budget).With Bacula Systems, growing data centers are truly free to grow.Why Bacula Systems?

    • No per-terabyte pricing
    • No pricing by data volume
    • Development and support are the company’s priority
    • An especially scalable, stable product, ideal for large data centers


per-terabyte pricing is too                               expensive
Have as much as you want. Stop being charged per-terabyte.

It’s time to move to the next level.Why not join the smart crowd, and call Bacula Systems today to find out how we can help you to move to the next level in securing your backups, and optimize your costs in a way that no other can?With Bacula Enterprise Edition, you get a high value solution that already includes advanced technologies such as Bare Metal RecoveryGlobal Endpoint Deduplication, Snapshot, native VM compatibility with single file restore and high levels of security built into every layer.Are you ready to make the change? (well, then welcome to the smart crowd!).

Sleep more securely knowing that your data – and your wallet – are safe and sound! Step up to Bacula Enterprise Edition, and join the smart crowd – just like NASA, Skyand many, many others.

To know more about modernizing your backup and data recovery strategy with Bacula Enterprise Edition and our exciting training’s, contact us now!

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