Importing VMDK in Proxmox | Step by Step Guide

Learn how to import a VMDK disk into a VM managed by Proxmox. Our Proxmox support team is here to assist you with your questions and concerns, by Nikhath K.

How to Import VMDK to Proxmox

Many of our clients face issues when trying to migrate from VMware to Proxmox. However, this task is actually easy if you have the right guidance. This is where experts come in handy.

  • First, we need to create a new VM.
  • Next, we should copy the .vmdk file to the PVE host using the scp command.
  • Then, it’s time to convert and import the .vmdk disk to the VM we created in Step 1.

For example, if the VM ID is 312 and the .vmdk file name is for312.vmdk, the command would be as follows:

qm importdisk 312 for312.vmdk local-lvm --format raw 
  • Next, we should wait until the command is completed. This is very important, as the qm importdisk imports the disk quickly but tends to get stuck at 100% progress for a while. Therefore, do not interrupt the process at this point.
  • After the completion of qm importdisk, we must scan for disks to see the newly imported disk in the Hardware section of the VM with the following command:
qm rescan
  • Then, attach the disk to the VM by double-clicking on the new disk and clicking “Add” in the pop-up window.


In summary, our support technicians have demonstrated how to import a VMDK disk into a VM managed by Proxmox.

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