II BacuLatino Conference Summary
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Organizing this birds-of-a-feather Latinoware conference had its benefits. I received a great traditional cake as a gift from Gustavo Gibson (Bacula Systems) and wonderful tuna, Moscatel Wine and Pedro Oliveira Government Portugal Science and Technology Foundation souvenirs.

20151018_150158 (2)

 The Latinoware

The event takes place at Brazil south region, at Foz do Iguaçu City. It happens at one of the largest Latin American Hover Dams site: Itaipu. The Cataratas of Iguaçu (large waterfalls) are the main touristic attraction and the event had large press coverage. There was also a nice Shwarma restaurant next to the brave speakers hotel.

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The 2015 Baculatino Presentations

Pedro Oliveira spoke about Portugal Science and Technology Foundation Bacula Community Case and about the current Reportula web GUI development state. You can see that he was very happy (LatinoWare2015.PedroOliveira).

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Ana Emilia made a nice explanation of how to deploy CA certified Bacula Encryption feature (slides for download here: AnaSlides2015).

20151016_131900 (2)20151016_131759 (1)

Gustavo Gibson from Bacula Systems presented the news of Bacula 7 version and some precious tuning tips (slides for download: Bacula72version and BaculaTuning).

And I, Heitor Faria  made a hands on presentation about using bpipe Bacula Community universal plugin to perform the automatic backup and restore from MySQL, PostgreSQL, XEN, LDAP, tar and other application (more information here).

That was a great event.



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