Home Office? Manage your Backups from anywhere with BWeb!

Do you want a backup & recovery solution that allows remote management through a highly intuitive and customizable graphical interface?

In addition to the computer, you can use your smartphone to access Bacula Enterprise’s exclusive graphical interface, which offers many facilities for managing your backups, reporting key metrics and analyzing and recovering data. With BWeb, all configurations are made graphically and are made much easier.

Panel Customization

As of version 12.0 of the BWeb Management Console, it is possible to customize the size and position of all the boxes displayed in the interface. The Page Composer page can be used to create graphic pages and create panels with a library of predefined widgets or with graphics provided by Graphite.

Application Monitoring

Through the BWeb Mobile app, available from version 10, it is possible to monitor, receive alerts and perform backup operations.

Browser Access

Bweb is compatible with most web browsers and does not use Java/Flash plugins.

Easy Management

• User ACLs and Profiles. To facilitate the administration and generation of reports, it is possible to create groups of clients and obtain detailed information about each one.
• Integration with AD/LDAP.
• In each client it is possible to backup several applications.

BWeb Linux System UBUNTU with Active Directory using CID Authentication Configuration

Backup with Graphics Features

• Global Deduplication technology management, that allows to save up to 99% of disk space and network traffic.
• Through the graphical interface it is possible to check the contents of the backup, the folders and which are consuming more.
• Disk and Tape Storage management, including media operations.
• Initiate or schedule a backup job, change storage and pool, change level and content, as well as run a job again and restore.

Reporting and Auditing

• There are several report options with the possibility of export. If you prefer, create your customized report using the various filters available: by type of backup, pool, status, period, etc.
• Access to the entire job history as well as dashboards with status of backup jobs, successful, failed or canceled jobs and general statistics.
• Operations Audit

Restoration: Control and Automation

• Virtual Machines Single-Item (granular) file-level restore, for VMware VSphere, Red Hat Virtualization etc.
• Enables instant file restore.

VMware VSphere BWeb Integration Enterprise Bacula Quick Guide

Red Hat Virtualization Plugin for Bacula Enterprise

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