High Performance Backup for University Data Centers
Backup for University Data Centers

Do you know how to deploy a High Performance Backup for University Data Centers at a low cost?

Bacula Brazil and Latin America has a unique offer for the IT department of its University.
Avoid pitfalls when investing in backup software as data volumes grow.

Plus: get a plugin of your choice, free of charge, in the form of perpetual licensing with a 12-month warranty.

Now, you can dramatically minimize data backup costs and your staff’s time with technical support, even as your Data Center grows! With Bacula Enterprise’s low-cost, predictable model, you don’t have to worry about data growth.

In large part, as a result of external forces and institutional strategic priorities, the research and higher education information technology transformation is faster than ever. Institutional priorities, combined with the need for critical cost containment and the achievement of demonstrable improvements, are now becoming a reality. This occurs all over the world in innovative IT departments of renowned Education Institutions such as the Universities of Ulm, Hannover, Hawaii, Southern Indiana, Alabama, Johns Hopkins, MIT and many more. These innovative Higher Education Institutions and Research Data Centers are also remodeling and revitalizing their departments with new options and resources to keep their information assets safe and available to users.

Many university IT departments, however, need to improve their data backup and restoration approaches. For this, it is essential to make changes to obtain the best backup solution, allowing the volume of data to grow with budgetary restrictions, without technological imprisonment and with a technical support that meets when there is a problem, not hours or even days later.

One of the reasons for the massive adoption of Bacula Enterprise in Higher Education Institutions is the university culture of teaching and research that values ​​autonomy, freedom, collaboration and sharing, with the possibility of decentralized administration and distributed decision making. In addition, Bacula Enterprise’s ability to integrate and scale virtually all different types of virtualization technologies, containers and storage devices makes it the best choice for research environments, Universities and Federal Institutes.

Want to know more? Discover the special offers that the Bacula Brasil and Latin America team has for your University. Contact now.

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