bsys_report Generation – Bacula Diagnostic Report

In Bacula Enterprise support activities, you may be requested to send a report from the Director, Storage Daemon (SD), or File Daemon (FD, client) machine, which contains various system information, Bacula configurations, and logs from the latest backup jobs. This can be accomplished through the command line or by using BWeb, as outlined below.

Command Line

Execute the following commands:

cd /root
tar xvzf bsys_report.tar.gz
chmod +x

The process might take a few minutes, and the `` output will indicate the path where the report has been generated.

At the end, copy the file using your preferred method (e.g., SCP, WinSCP), or use the following commands to upload and generate URLs for all the `bsys_report` files generated on this machine (internet connection required), as shown below:

for arq in $(ls /opt/bacula/working/bsys_report.*); do
curl -w " <= Download the file from the link.\n" --upload-file $arq${arq##*/} 

In this case, provide the generated URL to Bacula support.


As shown in Figure 1, through the BWeb interface, access the “Configuration” menu, then “Bweb Configuration,” and click the button: “Generate BSys Report”

bsys_report Generation - Bacula Diagnostic Report 1

Figure 1. Bweb Screenshot.

Wait for a few minutes. The browser will provide the report for download once the generation is complete.

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