Gartner presents Latin America CIOs list of priorities
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Executives are pressured to do more with less, which contrasts with the need to leverage the digital transformation.

Ways to optimize costs figure among the top priorities of IT leaders of Latin American companies in 2016. According to Gartner, CIOs in the region struggle to find ways to increase operational efficiency in their organizations and reduce spending.

Henry Cecci, consulting research director, says the company in an attempt to regain lost time. “We have been postponed several investments in infrastructure and operations and it becomes increasingly critical,” quotes.

The fact is that the inclination to do more with less contrasts with the need, in parallel, find strands of applied technology resources that add differentials to business and leverage the digital transformation – especially in an uncertain economic time.

A recent study revealed that Latin American CEOs are more targeted to digital than CIOs. Moreover, only one-third of business leaders believe that those responsible for IT are ready to lead the creation of digital models.

“You have to invest. After all, the competitor of your business will not wait for the market to recover to make the necessary investments, “adds Cassio Dreyfuss, vice president at Gartner.

According to the expert, it is necessary criterion and also evaluate different alternatives in time to get a cost optimization program. “Making an emergency basis cuts is a stupid decision. Cost management has to be linked to a corporate vision, “he says.

Dreyfuss recommends that every case meets the twin questions: 1) What is the value that this initiative (cost reduction) brings to the organization? 2) If you cut, what is the effect of this (loss of value) to the company’s business?

The idea is to find satisfactory answers to these questions give a broader, enterprise view of IT initiatives. Another recommendation is to develop a business case to support the project.


Gartner listed other priorities of CIOs in Latin America in 2016. See!

1. Infrastructure and data center

2. Business intelligence and analytics

3. Cloud

4. ERP

5. Networking, voice and communication

6. Scan and Digital Marketing

7. Security

8. Mobility

9. Specific applications industry

10. CRM

11. Modernization of legacy systems



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