Faster Backup Than Ever: Bacula Enterprise
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Faster Backup Than Ever: Bacula Systems’Global Endpoint Deduplication

Save on storage space like never before. Significantly reduce network bandwidth. Save time with super-quick backup and restore.Bacula Enterprise Edition incorporates a built-in deduplication technology that gives you the choice to either start deduplication on the client side, thereby saving network and storage resources, or at the storage level depending on how you want to manage your data. We bring you the benefits of both global and endpoint deduplication.

Now you can take the advantages of Global Endpoint Deduplication even further with Bacula Systems’ unique Progressive Virtual Full™

Revolutionize your backup times with Progressive Virtual Full
Bacula Enterprise Edition’s Progressive Virtual Full capability, (the ability to back up data within an ongoing, or sliding time-window), you will also save significantly on the local storage.Using Bacula Systems’ advanced index management (which is a built-in technology of our Global Endpoint Deduplication plugin), you can now save on the time to read the data locally, and use far less time to write the data locally.

  • Save storage space
  • Save network bandwidth
  • Easily back up your laptops
  • Enjoy fast backup and restore processes
  • Don’t depend on expensive hardware technology
  • Smoothly manage your data

See the Progressive Virtual Full information here, and find out how you can make a huge positive change to your datacaenter!

Don’t Forget!
Bacula Enterprise Edition gives you the opportunity to make huge efficiency savings through technologies such as Global Endpoint Deduplication, Snapshot Management, and the VM Performance Backup Suite.

Interesting! Where can I find out more?

Faster Backup Than Ever: Bacula Enterprise 1

Watch this space for more Global Endpoint Deduplication management and statistics features in the upcoming new release (October 2015) of Bacula Enterprise Edition 8.4!.

“Bacula Systems’ Progressive Virtual Full technology is really impressive. It saves us a lot of time and money. Using it together with Bacula Systems’ Global Endpoint Deduplication, we save even more!”        
Stéphane Sanchez, Director of Infrastructure & Operations,
“With Bacula Systems’ Progressive Virtual Full, the result is that the backup process for a huge amount of data has now become really very fast and efficient. When used in combination with Bacula Systems’ Global Endpoint Deduplication, it then becomes faster still! It all backs up in just a few seconds. Currently we are backing up around 100 TB of data. With Global Endpoint Deduplication, it reduces to between 25 or 30 TB. It really saves us a lot of time and disk space”, says Stéphane.“This technology saves us money as well – for these reasons, we would recommend it to others. I have never seen any other solution that can do this so well” says Stéphane.
Global Endpoint Deduplication in action
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Faster Backup Than Ever: Bacula Enterprise 2


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