Extreme Reduction in Data Traffic and Backup Storage
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Deduplication Global is the most modern in the reduction of data volume, speed and duration of the backup, consequently impacting the reduction of network traffic.

The operating mechanism of Global Deduplication and its configuration, which can be easily performed through Bweb – exclusive graphic interface of the Bacula Enterprise version, is presented by Heitor Faria, the company’s founder who exclusively represents Bacula in Brazil and Latin America, author of books and instructor of courses in the area.

In the video the example of a deduplicated backup of 49Gb that corresponds to a total volume of 904Gb of data.

Check out all the tips to get the most out of Bacula Enterprise, the best cost-benefit backup software on the fastest growing market in Brazil and worldwide. Contact us for questions and get a free quote: http://bacula.us/contact-us/

Enterprise Bacula Global Deduplication Driver Quick Guide

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