Enterprise Bacula Xen Plugin
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Enterprise Bacula has one of the most extensive collections of application backup plugins when compared with the Gartner Leaders, making it the perfect standard backup software for your company. The new Xen plugin is dedicated to environments supported by the XenServer software and uses all available mechanisms to secure the virtual machines.

The plugin supports backup of complete virtual machines and snapshots so that the virtual machine can be restored directly on the XenServer environment, as a new virtual machine (by default) or as an original machine (preserve parameter set by the user). A VM can also be restored to a local directory, and the user receives a file in a very familiar XVA format.

Allied with the Enterprise Bacula Global Deduplication feature, differential block level backups can be done, resulting in a substantial reduction in the virtual machines storage backup size (up to 98%).

Contact us now. Verify how Enterprise Bacula can significantly improve your backup service RTO and RPO with a lower cost.

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