Enterprise Bacula: Continuous Innovation

Enterprise Bacula: Continuous Innovation 1

We announce the Bacula Enterprise version 12.0!

With great pride, Bacula Systems, through Bacula Latin America, announces Bacula Enterprise 12 that brings a series of new features and improvements.

This is the latest announcement of a series of significant innovations that Bacula Systems will be doing in the first half of 2019, maintaining its role of invoking and influencing competition in enterprise-level data backup and recovery.

Some of the improved/created features in Bacula Enterprise 12 are:Enterprise Bacula: Continuous Innovation 2

• Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
• Client behind NAT (to back up remote devices)
• Proxmox Cluster Support
• Automated security features
• Adding Graphite Dashboard to our graphical interface, Bweb
• Backup client for Android
• Graphical interface (GUI) for Android
• SAP (Sybase) ASE Module
• MySQL Percona module
• Docker module
• NDMP support for DELL/EMC

The Enterprise Bacula is the most flexible and resource-rich B&R Software in the world. Besides, it’s the cheapest. Especially when it comes to medium and large environments.

It is designed for organizations to deploy across all physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid environments, regardless of architecture, all managed from a single platform.

Do it like LG, NASA, Sky TV, Volkswagen, Airbus y Algar Telco: talk to a company that really cares about you and contact us now.


Enterprise Bacula: Continuous Innovation 3

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