Enterprise Bacula and the Gartner Leaders

Today there are several backup vendors with different features, but what is the best for your company?


We selected some of the most mentioned features of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Software report (2016) in order to establish a comparison.  The basic criteria in order to choose the best solution are the following:

  • The variety of plugins for specific application backup
  • Integration with cloud storage
  • Self-service (Backup-as-a-Service) portal
  • Licensing costs

Enterprise Bacula and the Gartner Leaders 1

Figure 1: Backup Software Comparison

More plugins mean that a homogenous backup solution can be used for the whole companies data center, with all the automation, data reduction techniques and application granular restore. This results in better Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and better Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

Interaction with cloud storages such as S3 and CEPH, are important to deploy increasingly more frequently Cloud backup architectures and to exploit Object Storage benefits such as elasticity.

self-service portal also follows the cloud trend, where consumers, employees, or even departments can manage and restore their own data.

At least, lower licensing costs are always desired in order to save corporate resources that can be used as an investment in other areas.

Today, as shown in Figure 1Bacula Enterprise is the best solution according to the specialists most acclaimed features.

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