English Bacula Book (The Open Source Backup Software) Release, by Heitor Faria
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Today it was published the bacula.us web administrator (Heitor Faria) Digital Book in amazon.com. This platform was chosen so it is easy to keep the book updated and fix eventual errors (please, report them to us!). The book can be read in Kindle, mobile apps and online Amazon Reader. It is the version of a book that was very first written in Portuguese (Brazil),  that’s well sold and is in the 3rd edition.

Updated to last Bacula 7.4.4 version, the book presents the theory and practice of backups, covering Bacula installation, recovery, backup specific tools, disaster recovery and several other important aspects to safe and reliable backups.

Buy it now! – Link to Amazon.

Disponível em: pt-brPortuguês (Portuguese (Brazil))enEnglish

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