Do You Already Know the Proxmox Advantages?

Proxmox VE is a complete platform that facilitates the management of machines and virtual containers through the web management interface. You can dynamically scale storage resources as storage, meeting your organization’s growing demands, reduce efficiency, and reduce costs. Its integration with the KVM hypervisor and LXC enables virtualization of the most demanding Linux and Windows application workloads.

With Bacula Enterprise’s Proxmox plugin, you can access the most robust and cost-effective data recovery backup capabilities on the market.

The Plugin promotes disaster recovery (DR) of virtual machines, including QEMU and LXC guests. Back up online based on the snapshot of any guest VM, including QEMU and LXC. Full image backups. Ability to restore a full virtual machine image. Optional restoration of QEMU virtual machine (.vma) files in an alternate directory. Recover LXC virtual machine (.tar) files and settings in alternate directories.

In Brazil, 2W Consultoria is an official Proxmox reseller and partner of Bacula Brazil and Latin America, exclusively authorized by Bacula Enterprise.

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