Clientless Backup with SSH, tar and bpipe
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Bacula is a highly portable C application but can the administrator may still find a limited operational system or device without the need resources to install or build a backup client (e.g.: esxi).

In this case one option is to appeal to the most common service SSH to fetch the data and make a streaming straight to another Linux Bacula client with bpipe (to learn more about bpipe visit the online course).

Sshpass (e.g.: apt-get install sshpass) should be installed in the client machine running bpipe, but you could also use keys for ssh authentication instead of using password.

This is a simple example of a remote /etc backup:

Plugin = "bpipe:/mnt/fifo/etc_hfaria.tar:sshpass -p 'user_passwd' ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no root@ /bin/tar -c /etc:sshpass -p 'user_passwd' ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no root@ /bin/tar -C /tmp -xvf -"


The 4th bpipe command variable will restore this data according to what I specified, directly to the machine owner of the data (/tmp). This is what is presented and should be marked for restore:

$ dir
-rwx—— 0 root root -1 2015-11-28 10:19:40 */mnt/fifo/etc_hfaria.tar

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