Campinas City Council Prefers Enterprise Bacula
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Enterprise Bacula features the migration of Community Bacula backup legacy, making the process transparent and uncomplicated.

The backup VMware virtual machines, PostgreSQL databases, MSQL and Active Directory, and Bare Metal Recovery from Linux and Windows Plugins, allows improving the backup service RTO/RPO. And the 100% market tape-libraries compatibility, like the Overland Tandberg NEO 2000 LTO-8 Series, gives security and flexibility to the environment.

The Legislative Power is exercised by the City Council, composed of 33 councilmen, elected through the proportional system, among citizens over 16 years of age, in the exercise of political rights, by direct and secret vote.

The mandate of the councilman is of four years, being able to them, among other items, to legislate on subjects of social interest; legislate on the municipal tax system, authorize exemptions, tax amnesties and the remission of debts; to consider and propose amendments to the multiannual plan, the budget guidelines law and the annual budget, and authorize the opening of additional, special and extraordinary credits; approve the Master Plan and urban planning legislation; delimit the urban perimeter; legislating on the legal regime of municipal officials, etc.

The councilors should also supervise the actions of the Executive regarding social interests and their legality.

It is the councilmen who give the mayor and vice-chairmanship, being able to grant them leave to leave the office or even release their mandates; may summon not only the mayor but also secretaries to provide information on matters previously determined; to request different information from the Executive, who is obliged to answer; set up special commissions of inquiry or special study commissions; granting citizen land titles or other forms of honor.

The City Council has permanent and temporary committees; the ordinary plenary meetings for discussion and voting of projects take place every Monday and Wednesday, always starting at 6:00 p.m.


The Campinas Council IT team is composed of excellent technical level personnel, that adopts the best practices of the market in a very serious way, without losing the tenderness and kindness.


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