Build Bacula from source or install it from packages?
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This is a very recurring question and it’s not always the administrator choice. However those are some points that may enlight a new Bacula user baby bat:

Packages Build from Source
● It’s hard to fit Bacula version compatibility matrix between different operating systems packages and their own versions.
● Usually provide older Bacula versions than the current one.
● Unable to use last cutting-edge features and bug-fixes.
● Easier to set up.
● Help Bacula developers and users to debug and fix errors from new releases.
● Better understanding of Bacula capabilities.
● Benefit from using last features, updates and bug fixes.
● Ability to automate and script Bacula installation routine and some custom initial configuration.
● Recommended.

If you are motivated to learn more about Bacula Community Linux and Windows deploy from source, please refer to this nice updated tutorial:

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