Brazilian Navy Rio de Janeiro Supply Base Bacula Training & Deploy
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The challenge of implementing a backup framework (not just a regular software) such as Bacula was no obstacle to this great group of students of Navy Telematics Division.

Thanks to Commander Cabral, one of the most zealous, prepared, engaged and attentive from all Armed Forces I never new. A true manager.

I also thank Rogério, Marcelo for the interest, Tamires ” Milla Soares ” for the personal Internet access providing, to Washington for the efficiency, Peçanha for the great team management, to Galaxe for the environment distraction and every other for the presence  and patience to overcome any technical difficulties .

I have full conviction that this team will deploy and become Bacula reference in Navy.

Technical Information:

Storage Drive : HP NAS iSCSI
Storage tape: Dell TL 2000
backup clients : Oracle Linux , Windows.
Applications: MySQL, Lotus Notes, LDAP , Samba with extended attributes etc.

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