Bacula Enterprise 2 Free Plugins until December 31th 2015
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Move Up To Enterprise with Bacula Systems’ special offer:Selective Migration Plan with 2 Free PluginsThere are now millions of Bacula users worldwide who enjoy its reliability, scalability and robustness. If you are a user of any open source backup solution and are looking for increased functionality and support, then for you, Bacula Systems proudly announces its new Selective Migration Plan with 2 free plugins if ordered before December 31st 2015.Bacula Systems’ new Selective Migration Plan offers special benefits to the entire open source backup community, providing a low cost, supported way to migrate to Bacula Enterprise Edition and get:

Enterprise dedicated features:

  • Snapshot
  • Replication
  • Storage Daemon for Windows
  • Storage Daemon calls File Daemon (Firewall)
  • Global Endpoint Deduplication™
  • BWeb Management Suite
  • and much more
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Exclusive set of plugins:

  • VMware with single file restore
  • Microsoft VSS
  • MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • Bare Metal Recovery
  • NetApp
  • NDMP
  • SAP
  • Directory Server
  • and much more
Professional Support:

    • Multiple levels of support
    • Up to 1 hour response time
    • Regular patches, updates and upgrades
    • Certified binaries
    • Official documentation
    • Proactive support
    • Direct contact with our senior support experts
With the purchase of a yearly subscription, this plan also includes:


  • The new, feature-rich Bacula Enterprise Edition 8
  • 2 free plugins of your choice with your first year subscription, if ordered before December 31st 2015
  • 1 day of remote consulting
  • Attractive discounts on training for Bacula users upgrading to Bacula Enterprise Edition


Bacula Enterprise 2 Free Plugins until December 31th 2015 1
BWeb Management Suite offers full access to the huge backup and restore capabilities that Bacula Enterprise Edition brings to MSP’s and large Data Centers.
Note: To enjoy the discount, registration for the training has to be made with the order of the Selective Migration Plan.
Book your subscription now to enjoy Bacula Enterprise Edition version 8.4’s fantastic new benefits and receive the ‘Bacula Enterprise Edition features’ document
Bacula Enterprise 2 Free Plugins until December 31th 2015 2

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