BCloud’s Self-Service Interface and its Infinite Possibilities (BaaS)

Learn how to sell backup service to your customers with BCloud.

With BCloud, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), backup providers as well as service providers and web hosting companies can offer a self-service interface to their customers. In a fully customizable environment, through the BaaS interface, it is possible to delegate permissions so that the end-user can easily create and manage their own backup tasks and restore files from either workstations, databases, entire virtual or physical machines, as and when they wish.

Companies, MSP and Universities can also save on the resources of the specialized technical team by decentralizing simpler backup actions to other areas, which allows IT staff to increase productivity. And with global deduplication technology (Global Endpoint Deduplication) you can intelligently manage data volumes, saving storage space and also network bandwidth usage. Deduplication is critical for companies that have several decentralized units (with branches in different buildings) because they save up to 99% on traffic and backup storage.

Moreover, BCloud also has a much lower cost than legacy vendors. Modularized architecture makes it easier to predict IT center costs and set budgets, meaning your business will pay only for what you use.

The BCloud licensing model is very simple, it uniquely accompanies the EBacula solution and does not involve data volume-related charges.

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