Bacula USA, Latin America and Brazil 2017 Results
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While Bacula remains the third most popular backup software according to Google Trends, Bacula in the USA, Latin America and Brazil ends 2017 with a growth of approximately 400%. This is a market recognition for the consistency and competence of our team.

Many cases of success (such as Algar and Atacadão – Grupo Carrefour) have brought us such impressive results.

This means that more and more companies have become part of the smart clientele that:

  • make the most of your investments in data center resources;
  • does not want to imprison itself to backup providers;
  • wants to have higher quality/quantity of functionalities;
  • likes to save money; and
  • requires the services of the best specialists.

After all, the Bacula Enterprise, respectively:

  • provides features that increase storage capacity by up to 60 percent;
  • generates open-source backups;
  • has the largest collection of plugins on the market;
  • is the most cost-effective option; and
  • has a highly skilled and experienced technical staff.

And this year has already started with news: we started our activities in the United States and Latin America. In addition, some alliances already established, and others to be established, will bring many more innovations and options to the intelligent clientele of Enterprise Bacula, including you that will help compose it in 2018. Come on!


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