Bacula Support: Strategic Partnership for Your Company
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Did you know that Bacula is the most used backup solution in Brazil and the 4th most popular backup solution in the world!

In addition to offering a complete backup solution with high level of automation, ease of management and speed in disaster recovery, Bacula works with free format of backups and offers highly qualified Technical Support. With Bacula you’re never alone!

Your company can have the best technology and 24×7 expert technical support at a reduced cost. In both Enterprise (EBacula) and Community (CBacula) versions, Bacula Backup Software has annual contracts that fit the structure of your organization. Plans start from USD 175.00 per month, up to 25 backup clients, and have several facilities, check:

• Phone, email, WhatsApp, and Skype calls with up to two hours from the initial request.
• Intellectual assistance provided by a highly trained team.
• Configuration, architecture and performance review of the backup environment.
• Log analysis, troubleshooting and debugging of the backup system.
• Remote access for the execution of activities.

Contact Bacula! We are at the disposal of your company:

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