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Have you seen the testimonials of Bacula users in G2?

Like Gartner and Trust Radius, G2 is a reference platform for organizations to obtain information for decision making. And G2 can help your company make the best choice when purchasing a new data backup and restoration software solution, for example.

While the platform is concerned with ensuring the reliability of testimonials, organizations that need to improve the technological infrastructure can access G2 content for free, there are more than 1,187,600 validated evaluations from verified users. Professionals helping other professionals to find the best products.

The same applies to organizations that are looking for a backup solution that provides performance gains while reducing costs, all with the guarantee of excellent support. That’s what Bacula Enterprise users are talking about at G2, another platform where Bacula gets great reviews from its users, check out some testimonials:


What do you like best?

Multiplatform support, easy usability, helpful support team.

The service team is really helpful, fast and very knowledgeable about the platform.


Bacula has been around for more than 20 years, and its developers therefore have encountered – and dealt with – every conceivable edge case, from weird filesystems and hardware to the most specific business requirements and schedules. They’ve solved problems most competitors don’t even know exist.

Their support staff is hypercompetent — everyone I have worked with is a deep subject matter expert and if they didn’t write the actual code, they know who did – and can talk to them immediately. They never “just try to close the ticket’ – they spend as much time and effort as it takes to actually solve not just the problem you state, but really think about what you’re asking and realize if it’s an “XY problem” and address the REAL problem.


“Solid reliable and highly configurable product”

Bacula Enterprise is a an excellent system. It ishighly configurable, does exactly what you ask of it, and importantly for me, it works in the way you would expect. I like systems where I can think to myself, how would that work best, and then I find out that Bacula does it that way.

The support has always been extremely helpful. We don’t need it often, but when we do, again, we get just the right answers to walk us through the tricky things.

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