Bacula in Latin America

Small, medium and large companies in different sectores from all over the world really need to invest in technology, such as in the transport, health, education, technology, security, food and public sectors. We are here to talk about one of the most popular software of Data Backup and Recovery in the world. Bacula was born in Switzerland, was adopted by the worldwide Free Software community, won its Enterprise Edition version and has a company authorized to exclusively serve all of Latin America.

We have a lot more to say about Bacula Enterprise but it is important for you to know that Bacula has more than 200,000 users worldwide and some of our customers include large organizations such as NASA, Swisscom, Boeing, Airbus, Sky and Santander (in Brazil and in the world). We are present in Brazil and Latin America with a team prepared to assist your company in terms of implementation, support, in-company training. We work to be a partner and make a difference to the organizations that chose Bacula and this can be seen in the testimonials we received at TrustRadius and in TrustMaps. We were delighted to have recently won TopRated in the “Top Rated Data Center Backup Solutions 2020” category.

Bacula Enterprise Edition is the software that incorporates the best practices of Backup and Data Restoration to meet the diverse technological business environments, valuing ethics and common sense in relations with its customers. If you are responsible for your company’s decision or acquisitions, you need to know that organizations that have chosen Bacula Enterprise are able to achieve savings of up to 70% with Bacula: they only pay for what they actually use, they are not charged for the volume of data, are not tied to a backup technology and can continue to rely on all the reliability and security of Bacula as they expand their business and technological infrastructure.

Contact our team to know our Hiring Model (Subscription and Perpetual License) and our Flexible Plans by ranges of Backup Clients (VMs, Servers, Stations etc.)

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