EBacula in the Health Sector
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Unimed Litoral’s concern with people’s health is complemented by constant investments in technology. The unit of the medical cooperative located in Itajaí, Santa Catarina, Brazil, decided to adopt the Bacula backup solution to guarantee the safety of its data and its almost 65,000 beneficiaries and more than 450 cooperative doctors.

After all Unimed Litoral serves 13 counties of the state and, with a highly qualified technical staff, the latest technology becomes a great ally. In addition, EBacula, the Enterprise version of Bacula, offers the best cost-benefit of the market. The CEO of Bacula Brazil and Latin America, Heitor Medrado, was in Itajaí to follow the entire migration process from Unimed Litoral to EBacula.

According to Heitor, for the implementation of EBacula in Unimed Litoral the plug-ins S3, NDMP and Bweb were used, this one offers a very intuitive administrative interface to the data administrators. With the Dedup plugin, you can save a lot of disk space, bandwidth and even time. Already to ensure the migration of all data regardless of the technology of the database, there are the MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server plug-ins. “Bacula Brazil and Latin America is prepared to act in different scenarios, with a technology that does not imprison its customers to a backup standard,” said Heitor.

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