Bacula for DevOps – 11th Campus Party São Paulo
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Campus Party (CP) is an annual week-long, 24-hour-a-day technology festival and LAN party. Thousands of hackers, developers, gamers and geeks equipped with laptops camp out in tents on-site for the conference and hackathon.

Founded in 1997 as a gaming and demoscene event, the festival was first held in Málaga, Spain, and has since been run in Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, the USA and in Germany.[1][2]

The event has evolved into a 7-day, 24-hour festival connecting[clarification needed] online communities, gamers, programmers, bloggers, governments, universities and students[3] and has a broad focus, covering technology innovation and electronic entertainment, with an emphasis on free software, programming, astronomy, social media, gaming, green technology, robotics, security networks and computer modeling.[4][5][6] Their stated goal is to bring together the best talent in areas regarding technology and Internet to share experiences and innovate for a “better tomorrow”.[7]



In this year, Heitor Medrado de Faria held a conference of Bacula Community for Devops in Campus Party Brazil (São Paulo), showing the functionalities that can automate and protect typical DevOPs activities, as well as other inherent backup services.

He talked about the generic bpipe plugin, which allows to develop the backup and restore of databases, virtual machines and other applications through FIFOs; the new Baculum API for the development of Bacula system operation and configuration integrations; and the use of Data Mining from the backup catalog for the realization of the forecast and other techniques that allow the vision and improvement of the service.

The presentation in Portuguese is available as follows.


Download: Apresentação DevOps CP

Disponível em: pt-brPortuguês (Portuguese (Brazil))enEnglish

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