Bacula Dynamic on Client FileSet Configuration / Remote FileSet

Sometimes it is desirable to let the client machine administrator itself inform what should be copied during the Bacula backup jobs. Another problem is if there are folders to be backed up that have a random or unpredictable nomenclature.

For these cases you can run a script on the backup client to read or generate a list of directories to be backed up, as in the following example:

FileSet {
  Name = "remote_fileset"
  Include {
    Options {
      Compression = GZIP1
      signature = MD5
    File = "\\|cat /etc/bacula/include"
  Exclude {
    File = "\\|cat /etc/bacula/exclude"

The include and exclude files must exist on the client machine and contain a list of directories to include and exclude in the backup, such as the following:

root@hfaria-desk-i5:/etc/bacula# cat include 
root@hfaria-desk-i5:/etc/bacula# cat exclude 

For this backup, /etc is included recursively and /etc/zfs is deleted. Similar syntax can be used for Windows backup.

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