Bacula Enterprise Version 12.2!

Do you know the most flexible and more complete in resources Data Backup and Restore software in the world?

Bacula Enterprise Edition is developed and maintained by Bacula Systems, a B&R specialist, who is fully dedicated to providing the best solution for your company!

That is why Bacula Enterprise is, in its category, the software that has the largest catalog of plugins on the market, that is, it can be deployed in all physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid environments, regardless of archi tecture. It’s even better! All managed from a single platform.

Check out what’s new in version 12.2 of Bacula Enterprise Edition:

  • Amazon Glacier module.
  • DB2 module.
  • Granular restoration of the Red Hat plugin
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP).
  • Client behind NAT (to back up remote devices).
  • Support for Cluster Proxmox.
  • Automated security features.
  • New Graphite Dashboard to our graphical interface, Bweb.
  • Backup client for Android.
  • Graphical interface (GUI) for Android.
  • SAP (Sybase) ASE module.
  • MySQL Percona module.
  • Docker module.
  • NDMP support for DELL / EMC.

In addition to high performance, stability and ease of management, we also value excellent relationships with our customers. The Bacula Brasil and Latin America team, the official and exclusive representative of Bacula Enterprise in this region, works to transform technology costs into a true investment.

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