Bacula Enterprise Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) Plugin

The Bacula Enterprise Edition Sybase plugin is designed to achieve Backup and Restores using the Sybase Backup Server Archive API. Discover other features:

• The Sybase plugin supports Full, Cumulative Database and Database transactions backup and restores at a block level.

• The Sybase plugin allows the administrator to restore any database backup to an alternate location and supports PITR.

• The plugin is available on 32/64bits Linux platforms and Sybase ASE version 12.5, 15.5, 15.7, 16.0 and greater.

Bacula Enterprise is developed by Bacula Systems, a specialist in data backup and recovery solution, is multiplatform and supports the best market technologies.

In Brazil and Latin America you already know! You can count on the specialized team of Bacula Brazil and Latin America, Authorized and Exclusive representative of Bacula Enterprise!

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